Week 13 – Happiness is a state of mind

“IT will be found that the creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental or spiritual”  Happiness is a state of mind! 

Thinking is a creative process, in turn Vision and imagination precede all action which will bring the ideal thought about into the physical world. This Our life is our thoughtsis at the same time both obvious and mind blowing! The office building was not there until the architect dreamed it up and wrote it down on paper. First thought, then action of drawing the blueprint. After that was done the next step is using imagination to visualize using the space and by this process refining and perfecting the design. Then it is time for engineering and building.

This is amazing but we don’t think about it, or do not put our awareness on it. But the same process to design a building or a bridge is the same for designing a life! You want to have a particular job = thought; you go to school to get the skills you need for the job/career  and as you do you imagine what you will be doing so you get filled with more ideas of things to learn; you “see” the future and you proceed to create it with the tools at hand.

Have you ever met or been with a person that is unhappy seemingly all the time? They complain that their life is horrible, that nothing goes right for them, that all they do turns to trash. Then you give advice or ask “why don’t you try…” and the answer is “that won’t work” or “Forget it, why bother what-you-think-you-becomeWhat-you-feel-300x300nothing goes my way” then they proceed to give you 5 or 10 ‘reasons’ nothing works for them. They blame society, government, circumstances all beyond their control. Can you see that they have Created their life in their minds! Their Predominant mental thoughts and attitudes have given them exactly what they asked for!

From Haanel line 16: “Thought will bring about conditions in correspondence with the predominant mental attitude. Therefore, if we fear disaster, and as fear is a powerful form of thought, disaster will be the certain result of our thinking.”  I go into that with my Blog post Week 10.

What do you want more of in life? What most of us desire at the base level is to be ‘Happy.’ I have often said to people if you want to be happy then go and be happy but most don’t get it. Happy is an attitude of mind and your attitude is your choice!  If everyone wants to be Happy but looks for it outside of themselves they never seem to find it. They say I will do this to make me happy and then they find it is lacking and not what they thought, it did not make them ‘Happy.’Cause of Happiness

We have already talked about Emerson’s “Give more to Get more from his essay on compensation. We will get exactly what we give, but we must give it first! Therefore, give happiness and you will become happy! Here is what Haanel says in line 22: Giving is simply a mental process, because thoughts are causes and conditions are effect; therefore giving thoughts of courage, inspiration, health or help of any kind we are setting causes in motion which will bring about their effect”

So the question is asked “How do I build my attitude so that I can give Happiness?” Good that you asked 😉 on this page look for the “7 Days to a new you” and sign up for it. This challenge, if you will, is the foundation for creating a positive and giving attitude. Let me know how you do!

If you will build your attitude so that you are happy you will become a channel, a conduit for the universal whereby the infinite can bring about the realization of your desire. But remember you must be positive and you must give! The world loves a joyful giver!


Merry Christmas!


Week 12 – Creating A Living Purpose

Knowledge does not apply itself, we must make the application and that is to fertilize the thought with a Living Purpose. – Master Key Pt 12 -Haanel


I love listening to Earl Nightingale’s great work ‘The Strangest Secret’ where he says “We become what we think about.” This theme is repeated over and over in life and in every work of success that I have studied from the Bible on through the ages. In this weeks study of the Master Keys, we open with the statement “There is no purpose in life that cannot be best accomplished through a scientific understanding of the creative power of thought.”  Wow!

What we need to understand is the POWER that our thoughts have. Again think of the quote ‘we become what we Think about’ and understand that this is the beginning of success. If we want to create the IDEAL life, successful business, successful relationship, or what ever we must first create it in our mind and focus on it.

But! as Haanel points out in line 6: “your ideal must be Sharp, Clear-cut, Definite” If we have erratic or unfocused goals then success will never be ours. The price of success is vigilance it is focus and clarity of vision.

“Unless you can concentrate upon the object which you have in view, you will have but a hazy, indifferent, vague, indistinct and blurred outline of your ideal and the results will be in accordance with your mental picture.”  – Haanel

Road sign

Or as I often say Fuzzy goals = Fuzzy results. What is your life up to this point? how have your results been? What have you manifested? Ouch personal reflection and introspection can be painful! But understand this, that your intention drives your attention and if you can be specific you will enjoy the outcome.

We create our own circumstance through our mental activities and emotional vibration. Why do we do the mental diet?  (see the 7 days to a new you on the side) Because developing a positive mental outlook and removing the negative bias from our life is imperative to the function of creating the purpose and life we want to live.

The things we would have are created in the mental world first before we bring them into existence. In other words we must concentrate on our goals and ambitions and give purpose to our dreams then we will live them.

Live on purpose with a purpose and watch the world open up for you!



Week 10 – We Create our IDEAL and a Thought takes Form

A Thought is dropped into the invisible substance of the Universal Mind, It takes root, the law of growth begins to take effect and we find that conditions and environment are but the objective form of our thought.

– Part 10 #10 Master Key System – Charles Haanel

Good or Bad, thought is thought and what ever we plant the growth takes place and we must accept the harvest. Poor thoughts we harvest ill health, lack, fear, failure. Good thoughts and we harvest abundance, joy, health, wealth, satisfaction.

The Universal Mind can be depended upon to find the ways and means for bringing about any necessary manifestation.We must however, create the ideal, and this ideal should be perfect. -#15 MKS

Your Ideal must be in harmony with natural law and the Universal Mind. A clear, precise purpose and clear specific desires or goals.

It is not sufficient to say I want good health. You must define it, quantify it, and word it in such a way as to create a clear mental picture, an IDEAL, that you can strive toward.

If all thought is creative and we realize that the Law of Growth applies regardless of what thought we plant. Then we must master ourselves by mastering our thought. Be strict with what we plant in that ever fertile ground we call our mind and be ever vigilant in cultivating only that which we truly want in life.

Knowledge will not apply itself. You must make the application. Abundance will not come to you out of the sky, neither will it drop into your lap!  But with clear intention to bring it into operation for a certain, definite and specific purpose, and the will to carry out this purpose will bring about the materialization of your desire. -#23 MKS

What a week of transformation and self discovery! I shall persist, I shall Win! And I greet each day and each person with love and gratitude.



Week 6 – Its Not Hocus Pocus Its Just FOCUS

Week Six of Haanel’s Master Key System is my favorite so far! It could be due to I am becoming aware or have better understanding. It could also be that all the exercises from our Master Key Experience is starting to take effect. What ever it is this week’s lesson is to me the cornerstone of my personal journey!

Here in California they say ‘sit under a pyramid, hold crystals in your hand, and chant’ then all the things you want will come to you. Ah yeah, you go on with your good self and have a nice life, bye!

‘Thought is a product of Mind and Mind is creative, but this does not mean that the Universal will change its modus operandi to suit us or our ideas, but it does mean that we can come into harmonious relationship with the Universal, and when we have accomplished this we may ask anything to which we are entitled, and the way will be made plain.’ -Master Key System

WOW! And if you didn’t catch it, how about this “Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened to you…” But it must be in ‘Harmony’ with the Universal.

Wishful thinking does not do it. Setting goals and sitting on the side line does not do it. Having a positive mental attitude does not do it. These alone are useless, day dreams for people who never expect to accomplish their dream.

Necessities are demands, and demands create action, and actions bring about results. Until your mind is focused and your definite major purpose becomes a necessity then it will remain in the realm of wishful thinking and ever just out of reach. Aspiration, Desire and harmonious relations constantly and persistently maintained will accomplish results!

Directed attention then, gives us all the material things we have in this world. Look no further than each architectural feat where the problem was presented and thought impossible to accomplish and look – there we have it! Buildings reaching the sky, Airplanes, Rockets, Bridges and on and on. Henry Ford told his engineers to build a single block 8 cylinder engine. It was impossible they said and his reply was build it anyway! Directed attention to a single idea and we have the engines we use today. Awesome

The mind is a magnificent mechanism if we can harness it. However it is not wishing or hoping that manifests intention but focused attention on a single ideal.

This only happens with concentrated action. Setting a goal and then trying to wish it into existence calling this the “Law of Attraction” is farce. This is hard mental work but the reward is phenomenal indeed!

What happens when we apply directed concentrated attention to an idea or goal or problem, fixed on a purpose, is akin to using the magnifying glass to start a fire.  If our purpose is in harmony with the Universal and creative/constructive then our faith and desire will generate the energy needed to accomplish our aim.

If you are up to the task then sit and think of that which you want your life to become. It must be as clear as a snapshot! Focus your mind and attention on your goal and become in harmony and balance within then observe as the methods and tools you need become apparent for your advancement.

Happy thinking!