The Press Release


Draft Interview for the cover of Success Magazine
By Darren Hardy, publisher of Success
Tentative Release date of July 2019

Our cover story is about Mark Cotter who came from earning only $37,000 a
year to Philanthropist and inspirational leader for thousands of people seeking Financial Freedom and Liberty.

DH:  So Mark back in 2018 you were inducted into the Millionaires Circle for your company do I have that right?

Mark:  Yes Darren that’s right February 12th 2018

DH: What does it mean to be in the Millionaires Circle?

coc2013-1Mark:  It means that I am a modern day millionaire. Old School was to have a net worth of a million dollars but a modern day millionaire is someone who earns a million dollars a year. Our company recognizes people as they reach levels of financial achievement and the Millionaires Circle not only are those that reach the million dollar a year mark but also are instrumental in helping the company stay in alignment with our Vision and Mission.

DH: What is your Vision and Mission then?

Mark:  Darren, My Personal Vision and Mission is very much aligned with the companies so let me share with you mine:

To Lead the Consumer Empowerment Revolution!

-by sharing the proper tools, concepts and strategies to create, build, and protect wealth.

To Empower More Families to become Financially Independent than any other business has done before.

-Through outstanding leadership and mentorship in our world class business opportunity.

DH: What was it like to receive the award and recognition?

Mark:  This was my main goal and focus point for several years so you can imagine how pumped up I was. I was floating on air I don’t remember a word of the speech I gave that night but I remember the feeling of gratitude and exaltation and breathless excitement. I had already made the money but the realization of the magnitude of the event took over. I think the smile on my face had to be surgically removed at some later date!

DH: What does earning a Million Dollars a year mean to you?

Mark:  It is not about the money any more, I was financially independent at $50,000 a month income I don’t need any more than that. But what is important is the people I mentor. I get to lead, mentor, and help ambitious people to reach their dreams. There is nothing as wonderful as being there in a room watching a couple earn their $100,000 ring and know that you had a big hand in getting them there.  This is the ultimate in the ‘teach a man to fish’ philosophy. I help them learn skills and methods that they can use for the rest of their life.

I remember vividly one family who had their 2 young sons come up with them 7 & 9, they looked so good in their suits and bow ties! I get choked up because I remember when they started. They were struggling to keep shoes on these boys and make ends meet! Now they all are in Hawaii enjoying a week paid for by the company.

This is what I get to do and why I will never “retire”

DH:  How has it affected your family?

11025246_10153307372508629_156774164118930797_oMark:  We live an extraordinary lifestyle, we can take our grandchildren to anyplace in the world and explore. For Example one of the boys is learning about the civil war so we took a tour of all the civil war sites, watched the enactments, visited the museums and listened to the story tellers. He will never forget it and I think he learned a lot more than what he would have gotten from his history book! Or like for our 20th Anniversary I took my wife to Italy for a whole month! She kept telling me of Venice the canals and her favorite place was this piazza in Venice. So we went to Venice and had our renewal of vows right there! February 14th 2019, I will always remember that, floating on the canals holding hands just loving life and my wife. The look on her face so full of joy and happiness! Then we went to Rome to visit the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel, Wow! Such magnificence, such radiance, history right in front of me so beautiful, it was breathtaking. Then to Florence to see the David. Darren you remember the book Chris Widener wrote? The Angel inside? Well I had to go sit and look at that as I remembered his story. That was so powerful for me.

DH: yes I like Chris’s work as well

Dream Big HouseMark: We have scheduled trips all around the world to places like Mount Fuji and tour Japan. Go to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. Spend a week along the North African coast – Casa Blanca! Tunisia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Ireland, Scotland, GB! I think if we go on 2 trips a year we can get to see everything! And take as many people with us as possible!

Mark: My wife has been going almost every year to the Philippines to work in a place called Bagong Silang, it is her ministry, to help the poorest of the poor there and she has been doing it for years. She used to take $1,500 to help feed and buy needed things, now we bring doctors, dentists, and medicine as well as financial support. We are creating a foundation and funding an endowment so that the work will continue and grow from this place to other areas as well.  That’s what money is for!

DH: Can you tell us how you got here?

Mark: The secret is Service! I have achieved a lifestyle above my wildest dreams and well beyond my original goals because I am constantly doing my very utmost to serve others. I am a world class inspirational and empowering leader because I am a world class servant!


coc2013I have helped 100s of families over the years become financially secure and solvent. I have personally mentored and built 25 men and women to reach the multiple 6 figure per year levels. Some are at a little over $100,000 and 5 are already at the $450,000 going on half million a year level. I expect our first $1,000,000 earner this year quickly followed by 2 others!

Think about it, the money they earn means that they have helped many people reach their financial dreams. As Zig Zigglar said “You can have everything you want if you just help enough other people get what they want”

This is the art of giving to receive that we learn with Haanel’s Master Key System. I have men and women come up to me every day thanking me for the opportunity to make their dreams happen. I tell them that I should thank them for the opportunity to serve them. That is what it is all about Service. Service to family, community, world and remembering that all this service is really for God and through God because isn’t that were it all originates from after all?profile conv 1

How to get here is as you say Darren, to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. I had to get right in my head and get my philosophy up to speed. It was not easy. But I had some good mentors like Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, and you Darren, you are one of my favorite mentors as well. Then of course my personal leader and mentor the great Mr. Hubert Humphrey.  Then I found myself in a class where all the reading and studying that I had done to this point really paid off. The course called the Master Key Master Mind Alliance or Master Key Experience wow this took all the elements and boiled them down to a daily working exercise. Devoting at least 1 hour a day for 26 weeks to reading Charles Haanel’s Master Key System and doing various exercises to penetrate the concrete of my own mind. This is what created the catalyst to actually successfully take action! This is something I love to share with everyone and invite them to come join the movement here. You can’t buy it someone else paid for it for you because it is just that important.

Are you satisfied or is there more to go? What’s Next?

It has been my goal for many years to create 12 $1,000,000 earners. Because of the ripple effect this will cause in the community. I heard it from Earl Nightingale who was quoting someone else, No one succeeds unless they bring others along. 12 Million dollar earners would mean 1000s of lives touched and empowered and enriched!

Jim Rohn said it this way “What I get out of this is I get to be in someone’s testimonial” “Someday they’ll say, he’s the one that got me on this path and believed in me and well here I am!” That is an awesome feeling.