Week 15 – I Will Welcome My Challenges and Grow

LIFE is hard sometimes and involves pain and difficulties. But you only get stronger by pushing yourself past your current self. So, I will welcome my Challenges and Grow!

Baby walkingHave you ever seen a baby learning to walk just give up? Ok that’s the 10th time I fell down on my butt and I am not doing this anymore! Let them come take care of me right here forever. No me either. But it seems a lot of adults do! We give up on dreams, ambition, great causes because it is hard and takes time. But remember the muscle can only grow by the stress that breaks it down.

In our studies last week with Master Key System and The Greatest Salesman  I found several corollary and links between both of these books. Where MKS Haanel states “All conditions and experiences which come to us are for our benefit; we gain strength in proportion to the effort expended.” Wow, that is such a powerful statement. ‘We gain strength in proportion to the effort expended’ and most of us want life to be easy so we do not have to expend any effort.

Og Mandino says “With each victory the next struggle becomes less difficult. All my problems, discouragements, heartaches are in truth Great Opportunities”. It is in how we look at it, again it is how we associate the thought we have to the ‘Opportunity’ we are experiencing!

I have a very difficult time with making phone calls (it is all in my mind yes I know but it is real non the less!) I have created a mental block and emotional problem for myself somewhere along the way. As I travel through the Master Key Experience and learn to unlock my mind and use the Laws of the Mind, I am getting better everyday. However I still want to throw in the towel and give up sometimes.

Strength-Picture-QuoteRemember Nietzsche’s famous quote”What does not kill me only makes me stronger” Well my manager once took me off the phones because he thought it was going to kill me!  But I continue on with the struggle. The funny thing is, as we learn more and I understand that I can associate ANY thought to ANY feeling and I also know that the chemical reaction in the body that gives you the feeling of Fear is the same as the one that is excreted for Excitement. The body is dumping the ‘Adrenalin’ if you will, and I am the one who designates whether it is because of fear or excitement! My Thought My Reaction My chemical imbalance created by my thinking. Yes, I am just going to sit here on the floor and you all can take care of me from here from now on!

Oh, but I also learned that We cannot obtain what we lack if we tenaciously cling to what we have! So unless I am willing to let it go and learn from the difficulty then I will keep what I have and the pain that goes with it. Haanel makes this observation “Growth is attained through an exchange of the old for the new, the good for the better.”  So my take away from this is that ‘we absorb the wisdom and grow from the obstacles and difficulties’ or we must repeat them until we do.

Then I was reading Think and Grow Rich and Hill states “We apply knowledge by converting it into power. We do this by organizing the knowledge acquired (which we got from facing the obstacles) into definite plans expressed through ACTION.  And there I have it. I have obstacles to my success and challenges to face, I learn from these and grow with Knowledge but knowledge does not apply itself, so I must take that knowledge and apply it through action. Action cures all fear, all inertia and all uncertainty. By applying my mind with the laws of dual thought and substitution combined with taking action then as OG said “With each victory the next struggle becomes less difficult” obstacle glory

Wish me luck in overcoming the greatest obstacle there is….. me!


Enjoy Life!

Week 9 – The Law of Growth

Well here I am through 9 weeks of this incredible experience of mental rebirth and I am more excited and blown away than ever! As noted before in earlier blog posts “We become what we think about” but often the question is how? and Why? Primarily it is because of the law of growth.

Focus grows

What ever we feed our attention to will become magnified in our mind. Have you ever seen a mob form and become uncontrollable? It begins with a thought or grievance that is repeated over and over with more and more feeling until it spills over into action (usually bad and unthinking because it has become completely emotional at that point). Like a sore on the arm where the scab is picked at continuously until it bleeds again or becomes infected. What ever we think about we add fuel to, we build up in our minds.

This ‘Law of Growth’ works for either good or ill. Hold in your mind the condition wished for and repeat it over and over by affirmation and it grows until you MUST have it. All action is the result or blossom of thought and conditions are the result of action, thus cause is Think -> Act -> have the resulting Condition.

I love this line: “Nature provides not only enough but abundantly, wastefully, lavishly, we realize that any lack or limitation is only the limitation which has been made by an artificial method of distribution.” – Part 9 #2

Again the power to think correctly for the things we would manifest into our lives is of the highest priority because what we think about grows. As we visualize and affirm what we want (if we control our thinking then to our what-you-think-you-becomeWhat-you-feel-300x300good, if we do not and allow the outside world to dictate our thinking then it is to our ill) we will visualize the outcome. Haanel writes in line 15 “Visualization is the mechanism…” and “The thing visualized will manifest itself in form”

It is our predominant mental attitude that is reflected in our environment. Not the other way around. Our predominant mental attitude and thoughts create the conditions and environment we live in.

This is the most powerful and both exhilarating and frightening concept to come to terms with. I am reminded of the old tale:

A young girl asks “Grandfather why is there bad in the world?” Grandfather replies, “All men have in them 2 wolves, a good wolf and a bad wolf. They constantly do battle to take control of the soul of the man and thereby control his actions and life” Granddaughter asks, “Do you have thisWolves too Grandfather?”  “Yes I do as do we all Granddaughter, We all have both the good and bad wolf fighting with in us” She quietly asks “But which one will win Grandfather?” And he says “The one that I feed my child, the one that I feed”   

This then is the Law of Growth. Which one will you feed?

Until next week!