Week 5 – Hey I have an Opinion about that!

Wow!  I suppose I should say something about the week 5 of the Master Key System but this exercise for our #MKE (Master Key Experience) is just too mind blowing.

Here it is in a nutshell, Have no Opinion.

That’s it! When I want to say something I have to stop myself and “Shut the TShut upwinkie hole” as Mark J says. I must not give my opinion at all. Now for me that is especially difficult because I lecture and give my opinion for a living, which kinda overflows into my regular interactions with people on a daily basis if you know what I mean

I really didn’t know that I was so full of …..Opinions!

Opinionated or not, The objective is to become an observer of the world and of myself.

Someone crossing the road, jaywalking slowly and oblivious to the world around them staring intently into their phone, My mind starts babbling opinions about this person. The car in front of me stops and crosses 2 lanes to u turn into a parking space, oh you bet I have an opinion on them – loudly even! My wife is watching TV as I sit in the room fixing her computer for her. Man do I have an opinion about what she is watching and what is on television in general. I KEEP THE TWINKIE HOLE SHUT!

my opinion is factThen I laugh wow I have an opinion on everything and everyone 24/7 and all 1,440 minutes a day!  I Use the law of observation and detach myself from the scene looking in as an outside observer of events.

Let’s master mind here,  I eat some Ice Cream (yay! I like Ice Cream) I say or think This is good ice cream. Is this an opinion or a statement of fact?

If I say this is the best chocolate ice cream in the west then I have stated an opinion. (even if I think its a fact)

(Ok, so yes what I may be thinking about the j-walker and the lane crosser may be a fact in my mind ….. but its still an opinion.)

Result? Its a Miracle!

Stress levels go down, Heart rate normal, I am no longer involved, no longer part of or attached to the end result, no longer affected at all. I simply observe.

– Hm that person crossed 2 lanes of traffic for a parking spot, almost got hit by oncoming traffic; that person is walking across the street intent on his phone and not using the crosswalk; my wife is watching mindless trash and… oops sorry, I mean, my wife is being entertained at the moment- all statements of fact. But I do not have an opinion either way, I do not inject my personal belief or feeling into the situation and therefore have no stake in it.

Jim Rohn used to say “Don’t ask why is this the way it is, That is a waste of time and effort. Instead just be curious and say Hmm, isn’t that interesting? That some people do that.” and get on with your life. Good advice! No, that’s an opinion, better; I think that is good advice for me to follow.

To be aware of your thoughts and dissect where they come from is awesome! Being rigorous with your thinking and your speech will change your life! This exercise is priceless because it teaches me to be rigorous with my thoughts, with my speech, and makes me think before I open my …. You guessed it TWINKIE HOLE!

Have a great Week! …. or not …. I do not have an opinion either way…..


Mark C