Week 22.5 – The 5 Horsemen of the Destructive Mind

Fear – Unworthiness – Anger – Guilt – Hurt Feelings

The 5 Horsemen of the Destructive Mind!

Most of us look at these 5 emotions as the most negative and debilitating feelings that we can have. They hold us back and create darkness in our minds and hearts. They make us sad and unable to become successful. What they are really is the boundaries of our  comfort zone! These are the emotions which keep us held in check tethered to our current status in life like an elephant to a post.

If we try to improve, to break out, do something different we are most likely to run into one of these monsters. We try to sing or write and the critic is there to chase us back. We feel hurt then it turns to anger and we decide not to try again for fear that we will be hurt again.

As a child we may have asked to play and were turned down, asked someone to dance and told no (with a laugh). This created a decision which became a belief that we were somehow unworthy of that person or of that joy.

As I learn and develop my mind I am able to break the emotions down and realize something very interesting. I Made It All Up! If I made it up then I can recreate something else with the same emotions and feelings.

One of the 7 Laws of the mind is the Law of substitution: I can instantly replace a negative thought with a positive one! one of my choosing.

See how these 5 key emotions hold us in our comfort zone because they create boundaries. If I recognize that fear is pushing me back then what is on the other side? When I feel Guilt I can rejoice because it lets me know that I have a conscious that works. When I feel Hurt Feelings I know that I care deeply about what I want to do. When I have anger it is telling me that I have a frustration that I am trying to make me right. Maybe I can let go of it and not be ‘Right.’  The anger closes me off from any other possibility.

Now instead of the 5 horsemen of the destructive mind, I now have 5 tools that I can use as sign posts! They tell me, “you are breaking out of the comfort zone do so at your own peril” and I say “thank you for the warning it means I am making progress!”

When I feel Fear I know I am on the right path this is what I need pass to become my best

When I feel Hurt Feelings I know that I care for what I am hurt about and know to keep caring and persist.

When I feel Anger I know that I am trying to force my way on the world and now I can step back and listen to other points of view

When I feel Guilt I know that I need to look at what I did was it in the best interest of all and if I feel guilt due to not doing the work at hand then …. Do It!

And when I feel Unworthiness, Well I know that is a lie because I am natures greatest miracle and a child of the most high!


Week 16 – My Master Key Experience

The Master Key Mastermind Alliance, or as we call it, ‘The Master Key Experience’ is based on and is a study of Charles Haanel’s work ‘The Master Key System.’ But that is not all of it, that is more a framework not the end all be all of the program. It would be impossible to describe this in a paragraph or two so I will share my experience to this point ‘My Master Key Experience.’

Our life is our thoughtsThe outer world is a perfect mirror of our inner world. The circumstances of our life and our situations all come from how we think. Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, biases, prejudices, self-talk. I can’t (why?) I’m not good enough (who says?) I’m not big enough, old enough, young enough, skinny enough, fat enough,….//Fill in the blank//  you get the idea.  We have created beliefs from outside input and it is from these beliefs that we act and react.

An immersion into introspection and self discovery.  Painful at times exhilarating at others, insight and epiphanies abound. Time consuming and some times just plain a pain in the…,  Well, I knew this was going to be different, a true experiential happening, not a lecture series to feel like I accomplished and check off my to do list. Yes, self actualization course for the year , Check! No this has been hard work lots of forward progress, back sliding, regrets, rethinking, re-framing, and thinking. Really thinking!

This is not a do the exercise and be done with it class; No, this is grow-learn-tear down-build then grow some more. I am the caterpillar becoming the butterfly over and over again. As I strive to remove the negative and the concrete that has been layered over me for 50 years. Striving to become the once and future golden child inside.

26 weeks seemed like a long time to dedicate to this project but here I am 17 weeks later and I am in awe of the growth and insights I have found already. But I am also now more aware than ever before of what I do not know and how much more there is  to learn and explore. At the end I know this is not over. This is like college commencement I will take the tools and use them to continue to learn, develop, explore, and create myself on my own without the structure or classroom environment. Good thing I have a lifetime to get to know me!

Teacher my head is full may I be excused!

The journey

Master Key Experience

Week 12 – Creating A Living Purpose

Knowledge does not apply itself, we must make the application and that is to fertilize the thought with a Living Purpose. – Master Key Pt 12 -Haanel


I love listening to Earl Nightingale’s great work ‘The Strangest Secret’ where he says “We become what we think about.” This theme is repeated over and over in life and in every work of success that I have studied from the Bible on through the ages. In this weeks study of the Master Keys, we open with the statement “There is no purpose in life that cannot be best accomplished through a scientific understanding of the creative power of thought.”  Wow!

What we need to understand is the POWER that our thoughts have. Again think of the quote ‘we become what we Think about’ and understand that this is the beginning of success. If we want to create the IDEAL life, successful business, successful relationship, or what ever we must first create it in our mind and focus on it.

But! as Haanel points out in line 6: “your ideal must be Sharp, Clear-cut, Definite” If we have erratic or unfocused goals then success will never be ours. The price of success is vigilance it is focus and clarity of vision.

“Unless you can concentrate upon the object which you have in view, you will have but a hazy, indifferent, vague, indistinct and blurred outline of your ideal and the results will be in accordance with your mental picture.”  – Haanel

Road sign

Or as I often say Fuzzy goals = Fuzzy results. What is your life up to this point? how have your results been? What have you manifested? Ouch personal reflection and introspection can be painful! But understand this, that your intention drives your attention and if you can be specific you will enjoy the outcome.

We create our own circumstance through our mental activities and emotional vibration. Why do we do the mental diet?  (see the 7 days to a new you on the side) Because developing a positive mental outlook and removing the negative bias from our life is imperative to the function of creating the purpose and life we want to live.

The things we would have are created in the mental world first before we bring them into existence. In other words we must concentrate on our goals and ambitions and give purpose to our dreams then we will live them.

Live on purpose with a purpose and watch the world open up for you!