Week 20 – Potential is Worthless Unless …

Potential Becomes Valuable only when it is recognized and used.

How many times have you heard from a teacher “He has such potential but he is not using it” or hear commentators say how this athlete has great potential? Everything has great potential in it. It is the art of educing this potential out of us that is the key.

There is a story of a man who saw some boys playing a game with some stones. He noticed the stones and found that they got them from their father, The father had bowels of them as they were all around the place….. You may know the story that this was the greatest jewel field in Africa. Yet the families there did not recognize what was there. There was the potential for great wealth but they could not make use of it because they did not recognize it!

Our minds and thoughts are the same. We hold great potential, great gifts, but until we recognize, understand, and become conscious of what we have we are unable to use it.

You may have all the wealth in Christendom, but unless you recognize it and make use of it, it will have no value! – 20:2 MKS

We have been given this great tool, our mind, to use and create with. Oil, electricity, gases, water, everything on this planet has always been here but until we learned of its existence, recognized it, learned how to harness it, only then were we able to profit from it.

You and I have the greatest tool and mechanism ever at our disposal. Given freely and abundantly. We have great potential in our own minds if we but learn to THINK!

Take the time to recognize, learn, harness, and create with this power within you!

Thinking Man


Week 16 – My Master Key Experience

The Master Key Mastermind Alliance, or as we call it, ‘The Master Key Experience’ is based on and is a study of Charles Haanel’s work ‘The Master Key System.’ But that is not all of it, that is more a framework not the end all be all of the program. It would be impossible to describe this in a paragraph or two so I will share my experience to this point ‘My Master Key Experience.’

Our life is our thoughtsThe outer world is a perfect mirror of our inner world. The circumstances of our life and our situations all come from how we think. Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, biases, prejudices, self-talk. I can’t (why?) I’m not good enough (who says?) I’m not big enough, old enough, young enough, skinny enough, fat enough,….//Fill in the blank//  you get the idea.  We have created beliefs from outside input and it is from these beliefs that we act and react.

An immersion into introspection and self discovery.  Painful at times exhilarating at others, insight and epiphanies abound. Time consuming and some times just plain a pain in the…,  Well, I knew this was going to be different, a true experiential happening, not a lecture series to feel like I accomplished and check off my to do list. Yes, self actualization course for the year , Check! No this has been hard work lots of forward progress, back sliding, regrets, rethinking, re-framing, and thinking. Really thinking!

This is not a do the exercise and be done with it class; No, this is grow-learn-tear down-build then grow some more. I am the caterpillar becoming the butterfly over and over again. As I strive to remove the negative and the concrete that has been layered over me for 50 years. Striving to become the once and future golden child inside.

26 weeks seemed like a long time to dedicate to this project but here I am 17 weeks later and I am in awe of the growth and insights I have found already. But I am also now more aware than ever before of what I do not know and how much more there is  to learn and explore. At the end I know this is not over. This is like college commencement I will take the tools and use them to continue to learn, develop, explore, and create myself on my own without the structure or classroom environment. Good thing I have a lifetime to get to know me!

Teacher my head is full may I be excused!

The journey

Master Key Experience