Week 18 – Waste Not a Moment

Today is all that I have, I must waste not a moment for these hours are now my eternity. I make each hour count and each minute I trade only for something of value!From the Greatest Salesman Scroll V

In this life we each have the option to do or not to do. Or to be or not to be? That really is the question. You can Give up and give in to all the distractions and excuses that bombard us daily causing you to lose your way. Or you can chose to Step up and take control of your mind, take determined action and Crush it!

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Idleness Kills! (Now that should be a graffiti slogan, maybe I will tag my walls with it) Only action resolves the difficulties of life. One must take action and initiative to work. Take action on a problem to solve it. Take action when the moment comes that begs for action.

But where is our focus usually? People know more about what is going on in the lives of Celebrities than they do of their own life? Why do people put so much interest and effort into lives of Sports Figures, Actors, even characters in TV shows, that have absolutely no bearing on their lives or how to improve their situation?

Our Travel through the Master Keys Shares with us that we are the individual manifestation of the Universal Mind. But, Only in as much as we manifest it! 

In order to grow we must obtain what is essential for our growth – this is the Law of Attraction. However we can not receive what we need unless we lay down what we do not need, and then give away that what we need in return.

The psychologist tells a person who is depressed or sad to go find a person in need and help them. Go volunteer in a nursing home where people are dependent on the care of others. In doing this work, the helping of others, the depressed person begins to feel valuable and loses themselves in the care and service of others. She is giving away what she needs herself and by doing so receives it back in abundance!

But if she remained idle and focused on her problems what would happen then? Growth is a reciprocal action. We know by now that we are what we focus on, we are what we think about. But how is it manifest in our lives?The journey

Through ACTION! Action is the bridge between the thought and the manifestation. Thought is the dynamic phase of mind and action puts the flesh on it. We create our lives by our thoughts and our actions.

You choose: Give up and be idle inward focused and give in to brain numbed by distraction. Or, Step up and do the work and in the doing become greater and from this dynamic energy go CRUSH IT!

Enjoy Life and make the most of yours!


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