Week 21 – Life Illusion or Visualization?

Visualize a new reality

Our world without is a simply a reflection of our world within. Over the Last several weeks we have looked at this from Meditative Law of Attraction to Earl Nightingale’s Strangest Secret ‘We Become What We Think About’. I will not rehash old material here so just revisit some of my earlier posts!

Our conditions in life are directly a result of cause and effect. The cause is our thoughts and the effect is the life we find ourselves living. It is interesting to see that people want to have wealth yet constantly complain about the high cost of living. They say I am thinking about money so they expect the Law of Attraction to drop money in their lap. Yet all the while they are saying I can’t afford this or that, or we can’t go on that trip, or we need to cut back on our spending. So what is really in their mind? What is the picture they look at?

The illusion is that we are struggling against circumstances or outside forces separate from us. We are right now exactly where we deserve to be based on the decisions and choices we have made over our life to this point. Our decisions are based on our beliefs which determine our actions. But our beliefs are based on … WHAT?

We bring into our lives what we have focused on in our minds either on purpose or by accident (and most of us its by accident!). In 21:8 of the MKS Haanel states, “When we realize these facts concerning mind we understand how we may bring ourselves any condition by creating the corresponding conditions in our consciousness.” What conditions have you manifested to this point?

So we can ‘Create’ the conditions of our life? He goes on, “Everything which is held for any length of time in the consciousness, eventually becomes impressed upon the subconscious and thus becomes a pattern which the creative energy will weave into the life and environment of the individual.”

In other words, “Our lives are simply the reflection of our predominant thoughts.”All we are is what we think

So to fight the illusion that things are affecting me from “out There” and get to the reality that I create my own circumstances and environment what do I need to do?

The answer is in the 2 paragraphs above! The real secret of power is the consciousness of power! To think! That is to think constructive and creative thoughts. To focus the mind on the things desired not on the circumstances not desired!

I quote 21:15:  “To do this, impress on your mind a perfect picture of the desire which you wish to have objectified and continue to hold the picture in your mind until results are obtained.” Become what you think about!

So is it illusion or visualization? You choose but think of this: “When the individual understands and realizes his Unity with the Universal principle he will have found the source of all health, wealth, and power!”


Happy Thinking!



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