Week 22.5 – The 5 Horsemen of the Destructive Mind

Fear – Unworthiness – Anger – Guilt – Hurt Feelings

The 5 Horsemen of the Destructive Mind!

Most of us look at these 5 emotions as the most negative and debilitating feelings that we can have. They hold us back and create darkness in our minds and hearts. They make us sad and unable to become successful. What they are really is the boundaries of our  comfort zone! These are the emotions which keep us held in check tethered to our current status in life like an elephant to a post.

If we try to improve, to break out, do something different we are most likely to run into one of these monsters. We try to sing or write and the critic is there to chase us back. We feel hurt then it turns to anger and we decide not to try again for fear that we will be hurt again.

As a child we may have asked to play and were turned down, asked someone to dance and told no (with a laugh). This created a decision which became a belief that we were somehow unworthy of that person or of that joy.

As I learn and develop my mind I am able to break the emotions down and realize something very interesting. I Made It All Up! If I made it up then I can recreate something else with the same emotions and feelings.

One of the 7 Laws of the mind is the Law of substitution: I can instantly replace a negative thought with a positive one! one of my choosing.

See how these 5 key emotions hold us in our comfort zone because they create boundaries. If I recognize that fear is pushing me back then what is on the other side? When I feel Guilt I can rejoice because it lets me know that I have a conscious that works. When I feel Hurt Feelings I know that I care deeply about what I want to do. When I have anger it is telling me that I have a frustration that I am trying to make me right. Maybe I can let go of it and not be ‘Right.’  The anger closes me off from any other possibility.

Now instead of the 5 horsemen of the destructive mind, I now have 5 tools that I can use as sign posts! They tell me, “you are breaking out of the comfort zone do so at your own peril” and I say “thank you for the warning it means I am making progress!”

When I feel Fear I know I am on the right path this is what I need pass to become my best

When I feel Hurt Feelings I know that I care for what I am hurt about and know to keep caring and persist.

When I feel Anger I know that I am trying to force my way on the world and now I can step back and listen to other points of view

When I feel Guilt I know that I need to look at what I did was it in the best interest of all and if I feel guilt due to not doing the work at hand then …. Do It!

And when I feel Unworthiness, Well I know that is a lie because I am natures greatest miracle and a child of the most high!


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