Week 22 – Quitting is NOT Easy


Mr. Carson so done

To retreat to the comfort of mind numbing bliss of watching television or trolling through Face Book. Doing anything but the work of thinking and processing the new pattern of thought. Inking the blueprint on my mind so that my subconscious is acting on my best behalf and not on the emotional illogical inputs of a 5 year old’s best mental representation of truth.

We have only 26 weeks of this wonderful, excruciating, powerful, emotional, experience that we call the MKMMA (Master Key Master Mind Alliance) or the Master Key Experience. We are at week 22 and I want to throw it all in! I want to quit. Quit thinking, quit doing the daily exercises quit writing in my blog (I did stop for a while because I did not have a computer …. but I still wrote in a journal so I guess I was still blogging) Just stop it all.

Excuses: It was time consuming, it was painful at times, it took up too much effort and I need to do something else. What else? What else do I have to do, must do, that is more important than learning how to think rather than react. What could possibly take precedence over becoming the master of my mind and creative thought process over letting the input of the world mold me into another sheep soldier consuming and thinking as manipulated by commercials and beliefs that are not even my own. What could I possibly need to be doing other than  this work of self discovery and releasing into my best self.

The old blueprint is strong in this one! It wants to cement control wrestle freedom away and impose itself again. Thank you old blueprint, old me, beliefs and fears that have moved me through my life to this point and kept me safe from harm. At least that is what the old blueprint thinks.

It has been a most tiring and exhausting 2 weeks (we are already into week 23 when I write this!) fighting old habits and old paradigms as I realize that this battle is within me not without; Not anything external.

I can be what I will to be …. And I am!

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