Week 23 – The True Law of Success

The Law of Success is SERVICE!

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We have already have talked about ‘give more get more’┬áin an earlier post. We get what we give so Service is a great privilege and the secret to success.

So many people live in a state of lack, of poverty. And not just of money but in all things that life has to offer. The main reason for this is that they hold a belief that it is a pie and there is only so much available. But life is abundant to the infinite and available to all.

It is your consciousness that gives you the life that you live. Poverty or abundance consciousness, and it is all up to you! It is an attitude of the mind.

23:1 of the Master Key System: Money consciousness is an attitude of mind; it is the open door to the arteries of commerce. It is the receptive attitude. Desire is the attractive force which sets the current in motion and FEAR is the great obstacle by which the current is stopped or completely reversed, turned away from us”.

This is so powerful! All the other sayings and profound truths you have heard is right there. ‘We become what we think about’; what you sow so shall you reap; these all are attitudes of mind we think abundance and supply is given to us, if we think fear then poverty is given to us.

23:4 “The forces of life …are composed of our thoughts and ideals…molded into form…the pleasure is in the pursuit rather than the possession.”

How you serve others is how you become successful. A generous thought is filled with strength and vitality but a selfish thought contains dissolution. If you are filled with the passion to enable others to succeed you can not help but be lifted as well.

There is so much more to this, but just take some time to think on the concept that what you think about you manifest into your life. Fear is the killer of dreams because it repels all the good that you would wish for.

Be fearless! Be selfless, Serve and dream big dreams!

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