Week 4 – The Abundance of Giving

zig_ziglar_help_enoughWould you like to have abundance in your life? More money, power, love? If you act from scarcity then you will try to protect what you have so as not to lose it. This is a selfish mentality and creates more lack in your life. You are actually turning off the spigot of the natural abundance that life has to offer when you do this. In this week of the Master Keys mastermind experience Haanel writes “We cannot give unless we get” Wow! now that sounds selfish and contradictory doesn’t it? but Think about it, doesn’t the strong man help to make a weak man become strong? Does the pauper feed the needy? ¬†Haanel suggests that “We can not be helpful unless we are strong”

Picture one of those games shows where a person is put in a booth and then money is poured in and a turbine turned on. The person is told to see how many bills they can grab hold of before the time is up. Cool, wouldn’t you like to do that!? Now here is the catch, if you close your fist on a bill you can not grab hold of anymore, if you open your hand you will lose the one in it! My mother tried to teach me this when I was very young she told me to hold onto a dollar bill, one in both hands, and not to lose it. Then she dumped a bag full of dollars over me (same principle as the wind booth!) she told me that if my hands are closed because of fear of losing what I had then they never would be open for what more may come.

If we are busy with the busyness of life and do not take the time to truly serve others then we miss out on the abundance that is there for us. For we always get back many times what we put out in service. This is the secret of the universe. Abundance is the natural way of life, life is abundant in its gifts to us.

Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death! – Auntie Mame

We are born into abundance and yet we Seem to choose to live in lack and scarcity. ¬†Think about it, if we plant corn we do not get ‘A’ Corn but bushels of corn! My friend has a guava tree and gets so many guava fruit she is passing them out to everyone all the time – abundance!


God gives us all we need and abundantly more. However we have to do our part and serve. We serve by planting the seed, providing the help, giving our time and effort. “The More we give the more we shall get; we must become a channel whereby the Universal can express activity.” 4-21 Master Keys – Haanel

If you feel sad and alone the best thing you can do is go to a shelter or nursing home and help make someone else feel better. You will become better too! Have you ever noticed that the best way to solve any problem you have is to go find someone else with the same or similar problem and help them solve it and miraculously your problems are solved too!

So do not close your hand, do not stop the flow. Give of yourself, be of service and help as many as you can get what they want. Life will return to you more benefit and success than you can even imagine. Scarcity and lack are mental constructs not reality. Take control of your mind, be still, and seek inspiration to serve then watch the harvest roll in. AWESOME!

Enjoy Life!

Mark C

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  1. Mark, thank you so much for this blog! It’s so well written, and I feel as thought you’re speaking from my heart. I LOVE the quote from Auntie Mame. That was a fabulous movie, one I’ll have to watch again soon.
    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. God Bless!!!

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