WEEK 8 – MKMMA experience continues to grow in Focus

I Think Therefore I am! – Descartes

I once heard someone say “You are where you are, living the life and experience you deserve” I got incensed, He went on to tell me “Your circumstances are your own fault” now I was angry!  Maybe you are having negative feelings reading this and like me at the time thinking how can you say that? I did not choose to live like this! It was someone or something else’s fault.  But is it?

“We become what we think about” – Earl Nightingale

The Master Key part 8 – The lesson really knocks the wind out of excuses of thought. “If your thought is constructive and harmonious, the result will be good.”  and this one is killer,

“Any line of thought persisted in cannot fail to produce its result in the CHARACTER, HEALTH, and CIRCUMSTANCES of the individual”  

WOW! I am where I deserve to be or I am where I created to be, by my own thoughts. How? If I don’t like where I am then how do I change this?


Listen to what you say to yourself over and over, remember a thought repeated and with emotion becomes a belief, and you see that you are imagining a situation in your minds eye or reinforcing an image in your minds eye.

example: This always happens to me! when ever xxxxx then I get xxxxx OR Why do I always lose on these things OR I can’t win!

Do any of those thoughts sound familiar? Eh? Well stop it!

Imagination is the constructive form of thought – IE it creates things!

“You will certainly and unerringly bring to you the conditions, environment, and experiences in life, corresponding with your habitual, characteristic, PREDOMINANT mental attitude.” #18 Master Key System

Watch what you think and how you Imagine your life. Imagination and repetition is the key. “We can substitute habits of constructive thinking for those which have produced undesirable effects!” #3,4

To have a better outcome then use your imagination and substitute constructive thoughts for destructive thoughts. You are cultivating a mental attitude which will be conducive to constructive thought habit. Be aware of how you talk to yourself then stop it and change the narrative!

Line #24 “Successful men and women make it their business to hold ideals of the conditions which they wish to realize.” “Thoughts are the materials with which they build, and imagination is their mental workshop.” 

Imagine a better you, Imagine a better world, create your own circumstances and life! This is the train I am thinking in terms of IDEALS and using my imagination through relaxed reflection and projection and creating an AWESOME life and experience!

Now I understand and I agree, I am where I am because I created it in my own thoughts! And LOVE IT!

Enjoy your life! (it could be the only one we get!)

Mark C



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